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Illinois State Legislature Proposes ATM Fee Caps: $1/ATM Operator - $1/Bank

House Bill 1274 was recently amended in the Illinois State Legislature to cap ATM fees at $1 per transaction. This proposal is being touted as a "consumer protection" measure - but, as we in the ATM industry know, would instead eliminate virtually all of the State's current ATM base - thereby severly harming those consumers it purportedly seeks to protect.

** ALL ATM ISOs, IADs and Vendors who own, operate or otherwise support ATMs in Illinois - please contact us for more information and to become a part of our grass-roots response team in Illinois.

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A Kick-Off Message from the NAC Board Chair

Jacksonville, FL, 2/1/2017

Dear NAC Members, Partners and Friends:

This is traditionally a time to reflect on the past year as we start tackling the New Year ahead. For the Independent ATM Industry, however, 2017 will continue to be anything but traditional. Business as usual is simply not in the cards. With the major challenges of EMV implementation, changes in Washington, and the impacts of new technology upon our businesses, this is a time for America's ATM owners, operators and suppliers to step up, get together like never before, and become fully engaged in the political process. Read More>>

[Members Only] Landmark Supreme Court Victory for U.S. Retail ATM Industry - NAC Delivers Once Again for America's ATM ISOs & IADs

The U.S. ATM industry is a tight-knit community of business owners and vendors striving to provide convenient cash and account access to consumers throughout the nation. We have faced many challenges and struggles together over the past few years, including significant costs for implementation of new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, rampant ATM bank account closures via misapplication of Operation Choke Point, continual security updates, deep drops in interchange payments to ISOs/IADs, excessive and mislabeled “Foreign Bank Fees” and, most recently, the wrath of an unprecedented U.S. EMV ATM liability shift. Read More>>

U.S. Supreme Court Dismissal Paves Way for NAC Law Suit vs. Visa & MasterCard - Lower Consumer ATM Fees

JACKSONVILLE, FL (November 18, 2016) – Consumers in rural and low-income urban areas with less access to bank-owned ATMs came one step closer to seeing lower ATM fees yesterday, when the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed an appeal filed by VISA, MasterCard, and the big banks to block class action litigation spearheaded by The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) over the past five years. NAC, which filed suit in 2011 against the global networks to halt antitrust abuses, applauded this decisive action of the nation's highest court. Read More >>

MasterCard EMV Liability Shift

-- Now in Effect

This past Friday, the full MasterCard EMV liability shift went into effect for all ATMs in the U.S. NAC has done all in its power to make you aware of and to ameliorate this impending deadline -- which is now here. Unfortunately, according to the industry statistics shared last week at NAC2016, only approximately one in three or four retail ATMs in the U.S. are EMV ready at the present time. As such, the potential exposure is significant. Read More>>




National ATM Council Challenges FICO Skimming Survey

The National ATM Council Inc. said it has concerns regarding FICO's recent findings on card compromises at retail ATMs in the U.S. According to FICO, independently deployed ATMs showed an unusually high volume of illegal activity, compared with fewer at bank ATMs. NAC is questioning those findings that imply retail ATMs are less safe for consumers. Read More>>

NAC Challenges FICO On ATM Fraud

The National ATM Council Inc. asked Fair Isaac and Company (FICO) to substantiate its recent claims of escalating debit card fraud at nonbank ATMs. Read More>>

Consumers Demand More from ATMs: Survey

Credit unions and other financial institutions had better get ready to embrace multitasking if they intend to be ATM operators much longer, according to a new report from ATM Marketplace and Italian software provider Auriga. Read More>>

NYC, ATM groups debate ATM security

The New York City Council's recommended guidelines for nonbank ATMs drew criticism from the ATM community. A proposed ordinance, introduced Dec. 15, 2016, seeks to regulate placement and surveillance of retail ATMs. Read More>>

National ATM Council Addresses NYC Council On Proposed Regulations Targeting Nonbank Cash Machines

The National ATM Council Inc. presented compelling testimony to the New York City Council's Committee on Consumer Affairs during a Jan. 12 hearing. At issue is a proposed ordinance that would impose new security regulations on nonbank ATMs throughout the city. Read More>>