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National ATM Council Petitions & U.S. ATM Industry Petition VISA to Allow Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at ATMs Across the U.S.A

The US ATM industry and the millions of consumers we serve daily across America will greatly benefit from VISA making DCC available at ATMs in America on an expedited basis, and we appreciate VISA's prompt and positive consideration of this important and time sensitive industry request. Find Out More and Sign the Petition Using the Link Below!

NAC's First "ATMs Go To Washington" A Great Success!

In an unprecedented initiative for this business sector, America’s Independent ATM providers and suppliers traveled to Washington, DC last week to participate in the first ever “ATMs Go To Washington” ~ Powered by The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC). Numerous meetings were held during the course of the week, to introduce Members of Congress and their Staffs to our Nation’s Independent ATM industry/issues. Read More>>


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NAC2017 Conference & Expo

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October 10-12th, 2017
Bally's, Las Vegas

The Premier U.S. Retail ATM Industry Event!
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ATM Association Goes to Washington to Step Up Fight Against Choke Point Bank Account Closures

The National ATM Council said it is advancing its campaign against bank account closures prompted by Operation Choke Point. NAC told Vending Times that the issue has reached crisis proportions with the latest round of operator closures coming from Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Read More>>

National ATM Council's Survey Says Skimming Incidents At Independent Terminals Remains Low

The number of ATM skimming incidents involving U.S. locations serviced by independent operators remains low, according to a new survey just released by the National ATM Council, Inc. Read More>>

National ATM Council Challenges FICO Skimming Survey

The National ATM Council Inc. said it has concerns regarding FICO's recent findings on card compromises at retail ATMs in the U.S. According to FICO, independently deployed ATMs showed an unusually high volume of illegal activity, compared with fewer at bank ATMs. NAC is questioning those findings that imply retail ATMs are less safe for consumers. Read More>>

NAC Challenges FICO On ATM Fraud

The National ATM Council Inc. asked Fair Isaac and Company (FICO) to substantiate its recent claims of escalating debit card fraud at nonbank ATMs. Read More>>

Consumers Demand More from ATMs: Survey

Credit unions and other financial institutions had better get ready to embrace multitasking if they intend to be ATM operators much longer, according to a new report from ATM Marketplace and Italian software provider Auriga. Read More>>