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DNS Announces Certification of Just.Cash

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

ATM Deployers Using the Digital Network Solutions TRANSACT Processing Platform can begin offering Bitcoin Sales on their ATMs in March.

TEMPLE, TX - Digital Network Solutions (DNS), a leading US ATM transaction processing service provider, is pleased to announce it has certified the Just.Cash cryptocurrency program. Starting in March, independent ATM deployers (IADs) using DNS will be able to offer redemption of Bitcoin for cash as well as sell Bitcoin, using debit on their ATMs. IADs using Hyosung’s new sidecar can also sell Bitcoin with cash.

“With the US market saturated, it’s vital IADs be able to offer new services that differentiate them from the competition and increase profit margin,” says DNS President John Willmon. “What attracted us to Just.Cash is the fact it is a super flexible program that will allow our IADs to do that and more.”

“We’re pleased to offer our customers this new service and look forward to our operators implementing Just.Cash’s cardless transactions, which will allow IADs to further differentiate themselves and move into new markets,” Willmon continues. “We are committed to providing our customers with every advantage to increase transactions and earn more profit.”

Recently recapitalized by a group of investors led by the Heller Capital Group, Just.Cash offers Bitcoin sales at the ATM via debit card or, with cash using the new Hyosung X-10 side car. Plus, Just.Cash-enabled machines also have the ability to allow ATM users to turn their cryptocurrency back into cash. Additional functionality offered by Just.Cash includes cardless transactions IADs can leverage to lower cash costs and risk for cash-based businesses.

“We’re super excited to be able to offer DNS customers our cutting-edge, fully compliant software to enhance their offerings, expand their business and increase profit margins,” said Just.Cash General Manager Kirk Barrett.

“One of the biggest benefits of using Just.Cash is that it can be remotely enabled on any DNS terminal so IADs can immediately start earning additional income from their ATMs without having to make a site visit. And ATM operators won’t need to wait long to see the difference as we have begun investing heavily in online advertising to drive traffic to their terminals,” Barrett continues.

Just.Cash delivers the industry’s fastest transaction times - 40 seconds to buy Bitcoin and just 36 seconds on average to cash out. “It’s also super easy for ATM users. There is no need for customers to download apps, set up a wallet or get pre-approved because their Bitcoin purchase is printed directly on the receipt. The consumer simply scans the universal QR code on the receipt to add it to any Bitcoin wallet,” says Barrett.

“But perhaps the biggest benefit to our customers is Just.Cash’s Flex-Fees™ system, which allows IADs to choose how much they want to charge,” Willmon said. “This is a huge win for our customers. Fees can be set at the same rate across the entire fleet or changed remotely anytime on just a handful of high-performing ATMs.”

“Certifying Just.Cash is another example of our commitment to helping our IAD customers grow their businesses with the latest technology, differentiating their fleet from the competition and providing them with the tools to unlock new profitability,” Willmon continues.

Just Cash’s Bitcoin services are currently available on Hyosung SE class (C or V versions 06.02.02 or higher) and all Triton retail ATMs.

ATM deployers can discover both the DNS and Just.Cash difference at the upcoming ATMIA US Conference & Expo, Feb. 7-9 in New Orleans, LA. DNS will be in booth #308. Just.Cash’s booth is #608.


About DNS— Digital Network Solutions is an industry leader, providing fast, reliable ATM transaction processing with world-class tools that help ATM businesses manage their portfolios and maximize opportunities. DNS takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and outstanding value to its customers. For more information about DNS, visit or contact John Willmon at

About Just.Cash— Since 2019, Just.Cash has provided at-the-ATM financial services products such as compliant cryptocurrency redemption (cashing out Bitcoin), cash-only purchasing with Hyosung X-10 sidecars, and debit card-based purchasing of Bitcoin for independent ATM deployers. The technology, which is compatible with most retail ATMs, is built-in and requires no new hardware, and can be remotely activated without a site visit. Most importantly, Just.Cash drives more traffic to the ATM. For more information, visit Just.Cash’s website or reach out to Kirk Barrett at


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