NAC is Working Hard for America's ATM Owners/Operators/Suppliers

Organized almost a decade ago to address US independent ATM industry issues and advocacy, The National ATM Council, Inc. is a 501(C) (6) not-for-profit trade association representing the Independent/Retail ATM provider/supplier industry in America. Over the course of its existence, NAC has more than tripled in size, with hundreds of Members ranging from many ATM deployers who own/operate fewer than 10 ATM terminals, to the largest ATM companies in the nation.


Our member locations range from rural gas stations to city sidewalks, and everywhere else the American public and tourists depend upon and desire convenient access to good 'ole American greenbacks!

Our Members service citizens in our inner city communities and some of our most rural areas in America, as well as throughout the more heavy-populated and affluent locations across our nation. NAC Members serve both the bodega and the Super Bowl event - and every type of retail and public venue imaginable. In times of natural disaster, NAC Member technicians are rolling trucks to make sure terminals are working and essential cash is available to all those in need. Our members work to make their ATM machines as safe as possible, and to comply fully with all legal and ethical standards and requirements of operation.

NAC is proud of our members' dedication to serving and supporting the US economy, and we respect their ongoing efforts to employ ethical business practices to ensure continued widespread access to cash throughout the U.S. We are honored and privileged to represent America’s Independent/Retail ATM industry and NAC will continue working hard and smart in protecting and promoting the interests of our Members and those they are privileged to serve!

"We can no longer assign the task of governing, growing and protecting our industry to others! The time is now to join together in numbers and create a unified voice for America's ATM providers and suppliers."

Why NAC?

NAC is the only trade organization in America that is solely focused on representing and protecting the interests of US Independent/Retail/Non-bank ATM owners, operators, and suppliers. We are a member-governed/driven organization - the only one of its kind totally devoted to and focused on promoting the business interests of ATM ISOs & Owner-Operators in the US.

We are 100% US-based and dedicated to representing, protecting, and serving US Independent ATM Operators and their continued contributions to the US economy and public.


Why NAC is the Most Important Trade Association for US ISOs/IADs/Suppliers

  • Our mission/initiatives affirmatively and exclusively support the business of owning/operating/servicing independent ATMs in the US

  • We tackle head-on all the major issues affecting the Independent ATM industry

  • Proven and effective advocacy on key governmental and regulatory matters

  • Committed to real action and responsiveness to member communication

  • Ongoing communications on critical and relevant issues for nonbank ATMs

  • National Information Clearinghouse with all major ATM Processors, Manufacturers, Vendors, and other retail ATM industry members

  • We provide free personalized consultations on ATM industry specific issues

  • The NAC Board of Directors are all ATM owners and operators themselves – large and small – and highly dedicated to success for the entire ATM industry

  • NAC Staff facilitates successful governmental affairs programs, industry communications and an unparalleled annual conference for ATM Nation

  • NAC Members will have an inside track on NAC’s pending federal litigation against VISA/Mastercard on behalf of US ATM deployers


Our Board


George Sarantopoulos

Access One Solutions

Vice Chair

Patrick Conner

Vice Chair

Scot Gardner



Greg Chiasson

ATM's of the South, Inc.


Mike Powell

First Regents Bancservices, LLC

Bryan Bauer

Kahuna ATM Solutions

Tim Baxter

SwypCo ATM Services

Jim Cabe

Turnkey ATM Solutions, LLC

Ed Cramer

ProSolv Solutions LLC

Barbara Montopoli

Eastern ATM, Inc.

Jim Everton

eGlobal ATM

Mark Cumming

ATM Merchant Services

Curt Selman

Selman Telecommunications Investment Group, LLC

Joseph Lee

Technovation Data, Inc. (TDI)

Philip Webb

PDQ Merchant Enterprises, Inc.

NAC Staff

Executive Director

Bruce Renard

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Renard

Business Services

Lauren Majure-Lawless