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Why I Support NAC - Cash2Bitcoin

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

NAC is excited to welcome Cash2Bitcoin to NAC’s exceptional group of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency vendor members now working with and serving the US Independent ATM industry sector!

Cash2Bitcoin was founded in 2017 by veteran ATM ISO and NAC ATM Operator Member Ayman Rida, who now serves as CEO of C2B. Ayman brings a unique retail ATM industry background and perspective to the emerging crypto terminal space, having entered the US Independent ATM business back in 2004, with his ATM ISO Netco Services. In 2007, Ayman expanded his ISO’s horizons with the startup of Netco Merchant Processing, an innovator focusing on service excellence in the merchant services space. Fast forward to 2017, when Ayman first launched Cash2Bitcoin, a unique provider of terminal based Bitcoin/cryptocurrency services, with its roots firmly grounded in the retail ATM ecosystem.

“NAC was the biggest influencer in my success as an ATM ISO,” stated C2B CEO Rida. “I started attending the NAC annual conferences when NAC first started representing the industry and have learned such a great deal from those experiences over the past decade. NAC brings us all together, as one community, providing a space to learn about the most important issues facing our industry. NAC provides us a forum where we can present new ideas and new opportunities to expand and grow our companies. And no other organization has done more for us when it comes to fighting against the major obstacles US IAD’s have continually faced in recent years. I can’t wait to be back together with all my ATM industry friends and extended family at the NAC2021 conference this October in Vegas.”

“Our ATM company was envisioned as the foundation for future growth into other related vertical markets,” said C2B CEO Rida. “We have been able to add new lines of business based upon market demand, allowing us to seize new growth opportunities and diversify throughout the years, each time building on our strong existing business relationships.”

Cash2Bitcoin started from humble beginnings in local Detroit, experiencing steady exponential growth in its short four year existence, enjoying a footprint that now spans nine states and growing.

Rida’s company is focused on bringing to bear its longstanding real-world experience in deploying/managing self-serve kiosks, adding new products & services, and creating bundles that will help fellow ATM providers strengthen their existing site owner relationships and generate new clientele. Cash2Bitcoin has made it a priority to offer full turnkey technical and business support to ATM deployers entering the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency terminal sector, with all the tools needed for ATM ISOs and IADs to maximize revenue and succeed in this exciting new market.

C2B CEO Rida encourages all ATM ISOs and IADs to seize this unique opportunity now, while in its beginning stages and the real estate for kiosk deployment remains available. “The cryptocurrency terminal market most closely aligns with our experience as ATM deployers and we don’t want anyone to miss out on a momentous opportunity and demand for this product,” concluded C2B CEO Rida.


Cash2Bitcoin aims to create seamless transactions for consumers interested in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. Through partnerships with ISOs and merchants, our substantial network of Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) continues to grow nationwide.


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