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National ATM Council Introduces Newest NAC Board Member, Joseph Lee

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) is pleased to announce Joseph Lee, President, Technovation Data, Inc. (TDI), of Ellicott City, MD, as newest appointee to the NAC Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2020.

"NAC and its leadership are excited to welcome Joseph Lee to the NAC Board at this important time for the US Independent ATM sector," said NAC Chair George Sarantopoulos. "Joseph's energy and spirit of camaraderie combined with many years of hands-on, real world ATM industry experience and expertise will prove invaluable to guiding the organization forward."

Lee began his career in the ATM Industry over 19 years ago, and has served as President of TDI since 2007.  An active member of NAC, Lee has offered enthusiastic support to NAC's annual ATM's Go to Washington and annual conference events. "As I join my fellow NAC board members, I am reminded about the value of mutual respect, synergy and collaboration among many diverse companies that is the keystone of NAC," says new Director Joseph Lee.  "It is in the ATM industry that I have spent most of my professional career, growing up, making friends and meeting mentors along the way.  Thus, I much appreciate the opportunity to serve and give back to the industry to which I am grateful".

Lee assumes the board position previously held by David Braddock, Partner of Meiners Development Co./ATM Services. "David has graciously given of his time and talents to advance the interests of the Independent ATM industry, for which America's ATM owners, operators and suppliers are greatly appreciative, and we will continue to depend on his many thoughtful insights and participation,"  said NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard.


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