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Industry Update: Judge Leon Grants Class Certification to ALL US Independent ATM Operators!

Breaking News: Federal District Court Certifies Class of US Independent ATM Operators in Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit Against VISA and Mastercard

NAC is pleased to announce some great industry news: The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has just ruled in favor of certifying the class of Independent ATM Operators in our 10+ year-long antitrust litigation versus VISA and Mastercard!

The class of ATM Operators who will be eligible to collect damages from VISA/Mastercard if the class prevails in the case includes ALL US Independent ATM Operators in business and operating during the period running from October 2007 to the present.

This latest ruling by Judge Leon is a very significant and important milestone in the case, since “class certification” is typically the most difficult legal hurdle to pass in any class action litigation and the Judge’s order here in favor of class certification is so well written and well-reasoned.

While VISA/Mastercard may appeal this ruling (the appeal is “discretionary” with no guarantee the DC Circuit Appeals would take the case), NAC and its counsel feel confident about the strength of Judge Leon’s order and its ability to withstand any potential legal attack by the global networks.

With the class certification ruling in place, and barring anything unexpected stemming from a potential appeal, VISA/Mastercard are now closer to facing trial on their unlawful “no differential surcharging” rules, which trial NAC and its legal team have long awaited.

Lead counsel in the case for NAC and the US Independent ATM industry, Jonathan Rubin of the MoginRubin law firm, will be providing a case update and discussing this latest key court ruling at the upcoming NAC2021 Conference & Expo, October 12-14th, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

Please stay tuned for more exciting news on future developments in this major US Independent ATM industry litigation!


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