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NAC Advises members of International ATM Jackpotting Malware Incident Notification from VISA

A notice from Visa to The National ATM Council, Inc. received ths Monday, August 8, 2016 reads:

"One of the core goals of Visa is to champion security within the ATM industry. As such, we'd like to bring to your attention a technical analysis report issued by the Payment Intelligence team at Visa relating to ATM "Jackpotting" fraud that was identified in the Asia Pacific region in July. The report highlights the specific indications of compromise of the ATM through the use of malware that has been used to conduct such criminal activity in the most recent incidents.

We hope that you, too, can champion security within the ATM industry as a key voice to your members by making them aware of this report through any electronic redistribution means you have at your disposal. The report has been cleared for public distribution.

Please see attached for the research report.


Clinton Townsend
Director, Business Development - ATM Products


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