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U.S. Payments Forum Issues EMV Troubleshooting Guide for U.S. ATM Owners & Operators

In a concerted effort to address post-liability shift issues and questions arising in the wake of EMV chip card technology implementation across America’s ATM base – the U.S. Payments Forum has just released its EMV Troubleshooting Guide for U.S ATM Owners/Operators.

The Guide provides targeted technical and operational information for ATM providers experiencing EMV Implementation issues on their routes, including guidance on:

  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Monitoring transaction activity
  • General troubleshooting tips
  • Fallback transactions
  • Declined transactions
  • Issuer declines
  • Transaction reversals
  • AID selection
  • …And more!

The National ATM Council, Inc. serves as an Association Member of the U.S. Payments Forum and founding member of the Forum’s ATM Working Committee.  NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard participated and provided extensive input in preparation of the Guide, working to ensure a practical and real-world approach that would be useful for Independent ATM providers.

The Guide is being presented by the ATM Working Committee of the USPF, which explores the challenges of EMV migration for the U.S. ATM industry, works to identify possible solutions to those challenges, and facilitates the sharing of best practices within the various payment industry constituencies to facilitate a more positive EMV migration experience for consumers.



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