Rules & Regulations

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1. Agreement. As used in this Agreement, “Exhibitor(s)” includes any company or entity registered by form or email to participate in a NAC event to serve as a Sponsor or Exhibitor, or both, for such event, together with any employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors of Exhibitor, all of whom shall be governed by these Rules & Regulations. Exhibitor hereby agrees to abide by these Rules & Regulations, together with such additional rules and regulations as may be adopted by The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) and provided to Exhibitor from time to time in advance of the event.

2. Membership. In order to receive the member rate for sponsorship or exhibiting at the event, Exhibitor’s NAC membership dues must be current at the time of the event. If the membership dues are unpaid, membership lapses for any reason, or the company chooses to not renew its NAC membership, NAC has the right to charge the non-member rate for event participation.


3. Exhibitor Information/Important Deadlines. Information on exhibiting at the NAC2020-VIRTUAL will be provided to the contact person for each Exhibitor. This information will also include important event deadlines for Exhibitors. Exhibitor will need to review and act upon this information timely in order to receive all applicable Exhibitor benefits.


4. Assignment of Exhibit Space. NAC assigns booth space to Medal, Event, Product, and other Sponsors based upon sponsorship category, contribution amount, and registration date priority within those categories. Following booth assignments to the Sponsors, booth assignments are then made available to Exhibitors on a registration/payment time priority, first-come, first-served basis. NAC reserves the right to assign or relocate Exhibit areas or reconfigure the exhibition area for the betterment of the event, or otherwise in its sole discretion. Exhibit space assignment and priority in selection shall be conditional upon payment in full of all conference and membership amounts due and owing by Exhibitor.


5. Exhibitor Spaces. Exhibit space assigned to the Exhibitor is for the use of the named Exhibitor only. Exhibit space sharing, in whole or in part, with any other vendor or third party is expressly prohibited, except upon written permission of NAC prior to the event. Each exhibit space is intended for a single business entity only, to include that entity’s corporate affiliates. Exhibitors may not share booth space with an outside third party, absent prior written permission for such booth sharing from NAC. NAC reserves the right to assess a reasonable additional charge for any such booth space sharing arrangement at a rate of up to fifty percent (50%) of the otherwise applicable booth space rate.


6. Exhibitor Company Attendees/Passes. Contact information, including email addresses, for Company Employees participating in NAC2020-VIRTUAL on behalf of Exhibitor must be included on Exhibitor’s Registration Form. All complementary passes issued by NAC for Exhibitors shall be for the sole use of Exhibitor personnel or its IAD/ISO customers. Sharing of each such pass with more than one individual is not permitted and is grounds for removal from the event.


7. Terms of Payment. All registration forms submitted to NAC must be accompanied by the appropriate payment of the associated amounts due. Returned checks will result in a $50.00 returned check fee being assessed, and all future payments by that company or person must be by cash or debit card. To participate as an Exhibitor, payment must be received no less than two months prior to the event, unless other arrangements are approved in writing by NAC.


8. Cancellation by Exhibitor. In the event Exhibitor cancels its participation in a NAC event covered by this Agreement, any fees paid or due and owing shall still be applicable and cannot be transferred to another future NAC or other event or applied to pay NAC dues. The following refund policy will be fully applicable and enforceable:



Written notice of cancellation received by NAC on or before SEPTEMBER 30, 2020, will result in a refund of all fees paid, less a one-time two hundred and fifty-dollar ($250) administrative processing fee. Please submit any cancellation requests to, and allow up to six (6) weeks following conclusion of the event for receipt of a refund. PLEASE NOTE: No refunds will be provided for cancellations received after SEPTEMBER 30, 2020.


On-site no-shows are non-refundable.


Exhibitor Attendee Substitutions are encouraged and should be submitted to Please include the original attendee’s name and the substitute’s full contact information (name, title, company, address, phone #, and email address). Please provide NAC with notification by email regarding any substitutions prior to OCTOBER 24, 2020. After that date, substitutions will be processed via the NAC Help Desk at the NAC2020-VIRTUAL event.


9. Exhibitor Cancellation by NAC: Exhibit space may be cancelled by NAC for failure of Exhibitor to make payment when due or failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement or the applicable rules and regulations set forth herein or in other information provided to NAC event Sponsors/Exhibitors. If an exhibit space is cancelled by NAC under this provision, Exhibitor shall forfeit all payments made and NAC shall have the right to offer such cancelled space to another Exhibitor at NAC’s sole discretion, without triggering any requirement to mitigate such forfeited amounts.


10. Attendance: NAC uses all reasonable commercial efforts to market its events and attract attendees but does not guarantee specific levels of attendance at any given event. NAC makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding attendance levels at its hosted events or the specific event covered by this Agreement.


11. Mediation/Applicable Law & Venue: If a dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement cannot be settled through a good faith business negotiation, then the parties shall first attempt, in good faith, to settle the dispute by mediation through a commercially recognized mediation body to be agreed upon by the parties, and conducted in Jacksonville, FL, before resorting to any other dispute resolution procedure including, but not limited to, litigation. Each party will be responsible for its own costs and one-half of the fees associated with such mediation. This Agreement shall, for all purposes and forms of action, be governed by and interpreted under Florida law, and any action required to seek interpretation of or enforce this Agreement or its terms shall be brought exclusively in the state or federal courts located in City of Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The parties expressly submit to personal jurisdiction in such location and agree that this venue constitutes the most appropriate jurisdiction for any such action.


12. Exhibitor Responsibility Clause/Indemnification. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the person/legal entity described as “Exhibitor” in this clause and elsewhere in this Agreement hereby assumes full responsibility and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless NAC and its members, officers, directors, contractors and agents, from and against any and all claims, expenses (including attorney fees), damages or liability arising out of Exhibitor’s participation in the event including, but not limited to, participation of any employee, agent, or independent contractor of Exhibitor and including Exhibitor’s use of the event virtual conference space.


13. Operation of Exhibits and Exhibitor Conduct: Exhibitor and its employees, agents, independent contractors, or representatives will conduct their actions and behavior at all times during the dates of the event and on event or hotel premises consistent with NAC’s conference goal of unifying businesses within America’s Independent/Retail ATM sector for the common betterment of the industry and the public we serve. By participating in NAC2020-VIRTUAL, Exhibitor agrees to demonstrate conduct to all other participants, including Attendees, Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Competitors, and Event Staff that shows respect, dignity, and professionalism at all times. Any form of offensive language, offensive behavior, discriminatory behavior or harassment whatsoever is expressly prohibited on the virtual event platform or on any conference related social media. Any signage, print material, or other promotional items displayed or used anywhere on the virtual event platform that refers either explicitly or implicitly to another event attendee participant, including any other Sponsor or Exhibitor, in a negative, derogatory or defamatory manner is expressly prohibited and forbidden and will be required to be removed from the event upon discovery by NAC.

Video(s), Displays, links to demos, displays, videos, or other items in Exhibit space must be designed and operated in a manner that respects the rights of other Exhibitors, Attendees, and all conference participants. Displays shall not be designed in a manner that will block or otherwise interfere with a neighboring Exhibitor. If this occurs, NAC reserves the right to require alteration of such offending feature(s) or have the Exhibit removed in its entirety. All signage, advertising, literature, and any other promotional material used by Exhibitor must be directly related to the Exhibitor’s name, product, and service. Derogatory or defamatory advertisements aimed at other Exhibitors or industry participants, the unauthorized taking of photographs or videos, and any other activities that are offensive, profane, defamatory, or sexually suggestive, are strictly prohibited.

Exhibitors may not enter the booth, chat with an attendee in another Exhibit space, or interfere with or or remove material(s) of other Exhibitors without express invitation. NAC has sole discretion to determine any violation of this provision. If NAC, in its sole discretion, determines that an Exhibitor has violated or intends to violate this provision of the Agreement, NAC may require immediate removal of any such Exhibit or specific offending items or persons from the Exhibit Hall and the event.

14. Security: In no case will NAC be responsible for any theft, loss or damage to Exhibitor’s data or information, virtual Exhibit space display, intellectual property, or any other personal or company property wherever located. Exhibitor agrees that it is wholly responsible for protecting its’ and its employees’, agents’ and representatives’ property on and off the virtual conference platform and exhibition hall floor and throughout the virtual event venue premises. Entry by an Exhibitor into the Exhibit space assigned to another Exhibitor is permissible only when a representative(s) of the Exhibit space that is being entered into is present, or upon prior written permission of such Exhibitor.


15. Photography, Video, or Other Recording: By registering to participate in the NAC2020-VIRTUAL event, Exhibitor grants permission to NAC to take and use any photographs, video(s), or other recording of Exhibitor’s Exhibit space, educational presentations and organization representatives participating in the NAC2020-VIRTUAL event. Exhibitor is permitted at its discretion to take photography, video, or other recordings of its Exhibit space and persons present in that Exhibit space. All other photography, video, or other recording of whatever type is permitted only upon prior written authorization from NAC.


16. Exhibitors must comply at all times with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


17. NAC shall have full power and discretion to make or amend these rules as it sees fit in the best interests of the event.