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NJ Inspection/Sticker Bill Update

L-R - NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard and NJ Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson (D - District 37), Deputy Speaker.

May 2017 - NAC has worked closely with our New Jersey NAC Members and other affected  trade groups in NJ, to address a well intended but harmful proposal (A-4346) now under consideration before the New Jersey State Assembly. The bill would require: (1) daily inspections for skimming devices; (2) placement of stickers to indicate opt-in/opt-out of the daily inspection program; (3) $1,000/day non-compliance fines; and (4) reporting/registration/audits/fees (details TBD) - for all ATMs, POS devices, and gas pumps in New Jersey.

Based on the serious widespread harm to the public and all ATM businesses serving the State posed by this legislation, NAC

 took action to coordinate a prompt and effective response. NAC first prepared and circulated formal correspondence to all the bill's sponsors - along with extensive back up information - detailing the serious consequences if the bill were to be enacted. NAC Staff and Board Chair George Sarantopoulos, along with several of our NJ Members and a representative from the NJ Gasoline, C-Store and Automotive Association, then traveled to Trenton and a number of NJ legislative District Offices for meetings with the prime sponsor, Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, and each of the other sponsors of A-4346.

In these meetings, NAC registered strong opposition to the proposed law and recommended a public education program and a comprehensive ATM anti-crime measure as more viable alternatives to address the skimming issue and other ATM related crimes.

Our NAC delegation was graciously received by the New Jersey legislators and their Staffs, all of whom listened carefully to the information we shared regarding ATM business operations and ongoing industry efforts to enhance every facet of ATM security. During the meetings, NAC made reference to our Guide to Skimming Deterrence & Detection (co-authored with Conexxus), the NAC2016 ATM Security Academy Agenda and other pertinent materials demonstrating extensive industry efforts to date in addressing ATM security concerns.

L-R - NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard, NAC Member Frank Perez, NAC COO Susan Renard, NJGCAA Assoc. Dir.-Govt. Affairs Eric Blomgren, NJ Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D - District 20) Deputy Majority Leader, NAC Member Ron Roberto and NAC Board Chair George Sarantopoulos

The NAC delegation also conveyed the operational and financial problems that would flow from the bill, and how added costs and other burdens of the proposal would actually result in removal of many ATMs across NJ and an increase in consumer fees for those ATMs remaining. The adverse impacts on consumers, many of whom rely upon retail ATMs as their primary source of cash, was also discussed, as was the essential consideration that very large volumes of EBT transactions occur at New Jersey's retail ATMs - all of which are surcharge-free throughout the State.

Special thanks and recognition go out to Ron Roberto of EESI ATM Solutions and Frank Perez of Maritech ATM, who took time from their busy work schedules to participate in these important meetings with the NJ legislators! Their excellent contributions from an ATM operator perspective were vital to our effective communication on the critical public benefits served by retail ATMs - and the harm to both ATM providers and consumers if A-4346 were to become law. NAC will continue working with Assemblywoman Quijano and the other bill sponsors to pursue reasonable and workable alternatives to the issues raised. Please stay tuned for further updates as the NJ legislative process moves ahead.


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