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New Jersey Legislature Proposes Law Implementing Daily Inspection & Sticker Program for All NJ ATMs


The proposed NJ law would require all ATM operators to (a) opt in/out of a statewide program that includes daily inspections of ATMs to detect/remove skimming devices; & (b) place stickers showing whether the ATM is/is not participating in the inspection program. For those ATMs that opt in, the sticker would indicate that the terminal was being inspected daily; for those that opted out, the sticker would have to include a 'use at your own risk' type message.  The new law would effectively create a mandatory registration program for ATMs in the state - carrying a $1,000/day fine for violations.

Current Status/Action

A-4346, a bill to implement a daily skimming detection inspection and sticker program for all NJ ATMs, was recently passed on an 11-0 unanimous vote (2 not voting) by the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee of the NJ State Assembly. A copy of the bill can be viewed HERE.
Unanimous passage of this Bill by the Committee - with no other Committee referrals at this time - indicates the measure is poised for passage by the Assembly in short order.  Although there does not appear to be a companion measure in the Senate - the Senate could always take up the House bill and pass it - or amend it and send it back to the House for final passage.
NAC would like to provide our support for NJ NAC Members in opposing this harmful and misguided legislation. Please call (904) 683-6533 or email to provide further discussion and support in our efforts to fight this and other state and/or local ordinances that may affect the ATM industry.


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