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NAC Receives Award & Recognition for Contributions to U.S. Payments Forum 

us-payments-forumJacksonville, FL, June 26, 2017 – The National ATM Council, Inc.’s Executive Director, Bruce Renard, has received an award and recognition “For Outstanding Contributions to The U.S. Payments Forum” in 2016.

The U.S. Payments Forum (f/k/a The EMV Migration Forum) was formed as a cross-industry body to address implementation of EMV chip card technology throughout the United States. The Forum is presently focused on completing the U.S. EMV migration process and addressing other issues requiring broad coordination across different segments of the payments system.


“Without Bruce’s efforts at the Forum to open lines of communication and cooperation between the retail ATM industry and the networks/banks, the roll-out of EMV at over a quarter million independently owned ATMs throughout the U.S. would be far less successful and much more painful for all concerned”, said NAC Treasurer, Greg Chiasson (ATM’s of the South, Inc., New Orleans, LA).  “Bruce’s extensive involvement and the expertise he brings represent a significant investment and contribution on the part of NAC to protect and benefit America’s independent ATM companies and the millions of retail ATM consumers we are privileged to serve.”

“On behalf of NAC’s Board and Membership, we are very proud that the work of our Executive Director, Bruce Renard, has been formally recognized by this award from the U.S. Payments Forum”, said NAC Chair, George Sarantopoulos (Access One Solutions, Brooklyn, NY).  “Bruce and our entire organization have devoted enormous time and resources to helping make the EMV transition as positive as possible for America’s retail ATM sector, and we appreciate the Forum’s acknowledgement of these ongoing efforts on the part of NAC.”



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