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NAC - Protecting Independent ATM Industry Interests Before the Illinois Legislature

NAC Successfully Stops Proposed ATM $1 Fee Cap Bill

NAC state delegation team meeting in Springfield with key Illinois State Legislative leaders and representatives of allied local/state trade organizations during the final week of the 2017 Illinois Legislative Session.

The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) - YOUR U.S. Retail ATM trade association - is pleased to announce that the proposed Illinois legislation to cap ATM fees at $1/transaction [HB1274] has been defeated- - avoiding major harm to Illinois' ATM companies and consumers - and preventing a devastating precedent for other states to follow.

NAC was proud to have played an important role in securing this outcome, working closely with our leading Illinois NAC members and allied trade organizations in the state. These solid resources and a coordinated effort allowed us to stop HB1274 in its tracks - despite the large number of co-sponsors and broad media support the bill attracted.

Key to our success in Illinois was strong support from the entire Illinois Independent ATM community - with extra special and major contributions from Illinois NAC members: Sam Westgate (ATM SMART), Philip Webb (PDQ Merchants), and Ed Cramer (Cash on the Spot). These outstanding NAC Members took significant time from their busy schedules to help stop HB1274.  Their longstanding involvement in Illinois politics was vital to curtailing this legislation - which otherwise would have eliminated most of the retail ATMs in Illinois. These dedicated professionals deserve our entire industry's sincerest thanks and appreciation for their incredible assistance during this critical initiative.

These combined efforts in Springfield created a very positive and open pipeline with top members of the Illinois legislature - that will continue to serve us well in future sessions. Our interaction with the Illinois' legislative leadership during this process also shows that by educating public policymakers about our industry and important benefits we provide to consumers - our industry can and will be able to positively impact the laws and regulations under which we must then operate.

NAC Addresses Illinois Legislation Requiring Posting of Consumer Complaint Phone Numbers & State Inspections/Fines on Retail ATMs

 Illinois' legislators took up another troublesome ATM related measure this session [HB1783] - to require stickers on all "non-bank" ATMs in the State - posting the company's customer service phone number and an Illinois consumer hotline number. The bill also authorizes an inspection program, with penalties of up to $10K per violation - details TBD via later rules and regulations.

NAC Executive Director, Bruce Renard and NAC Member Ed Cramer, Cash on the Spot, meeting with Illinois State Legislators Carol Sente (D-ILL 59) and Nick Sauer (R-ILL 51) in the state capitol rotunda during the 2017 Session.

Based upon NAC's intensive work during the closing days of the 2017 session (last week), the bill was  withheld from going to the Illinois Governor, by means of a Motion for Reconsideration filed by a bill sponsor. The Motion for Reconsideration requires that HB1783 now be returned to the Senate for further consideration and possible amendment. NAC will be working diligently to have our concerns with the measure addressed, prior to this bill again going to the Senate floor for a vote.  A very special thanks to NAC Board Member Bryan Bauer of Kahuna ATM Solutions who alerted NAC to the last minute floor activity on the bill - and to Sam Westgate of ATM SMART who played a vital role in working with legislators on the Reconsideration.

Please stay tuned for further developments as they unfold in Illinois!

Your NAC Team


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