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MasterCard EMV Liability Shift

-- Now In Effect

This past Friday, the full MasterCard EMV liability shift went into effect for all ATMs in the U.S. NAC has done all in its power to make you aware of and to ameliorate this impending deadline -- which is now here. Unfortunately, according to the industry statistics shared last week at NAC2016, only approximately one in three or four retail ATMs in the U.S. are EMV ready at the present time. As such, the potential exposure is significant.

In the face of an unprecedented global shipping crisis, which has effectively choked off supplies of EMV kits/equipment in the U.S. for the majority of the existing retail ATM base, NAC recently asked MasterCard for a modest amount of additional months' time (until January 2, 2017), to allow supplies to normalize before the EMV liability shift became effective. Unfortunately, our request for an extension was denied by MasterCard last week.

Although NAC is still considering additional options to address this current unacceptable situation, and given MasterCard's unyielding position, those providing ATMs at retail locations in the U.S. today who have not upgraded to EMV are now exposed to liability for counterfeit MasterCard card fraud committed at their non-EMV ATM terminals. Moreover, based upon the in-depth EMV Workshop session presented at last week's NAC2016 Conference & Expo, this exposure can be quite significant, ranging into the many thousands of dollars per incident.

Upgrading to EMV is now more imperative than ever if you are to avoid this exposure. Place your EMV kit/terminal orders ASAP - if they have not already been placed (especially given the current back order situation). Install the EMV kits you now have. Turn EMV on (assuming your Processor is ready). Make sure EMV is actually working at your terminals and that you have the proper/full AID list installed in your software. Check contracts with your partners in the ATM eco-system - to make sure EMV liability is addressed clearly and properly. EMV upgrades on all your merchant/affiliate machines are essential to keep you protected. Talk with your manufacturers/suppliers/ISOs/processors to make sure everything is understood and in order.

At this critical juncture, NAC wants to make sure our members have the most comprehensive EMV information and resources available to help you successfully navigate the EMV migration process -- and so...we have assembled a wealth of EMV source materials - all in one place -- for your ready reference and access:

Please check out this excellent EMV library of materials - and let us know if you have any additional EMV questions - or NAC can be of any other assistance in helping you make it successfully through this challenging EMV migration process.



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