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NAC Forms EMV Working Group and Agrees to Join EMV Migration Forum

Jacksonville, FL, September 4, 2014 - 

The NAC Board has formed an EMV Working Group to focus on the significant issues associated with EMV implementation in the U.S.

The Working Group is chaired by NAC Vice-Chairman Jim Cabe of TurnKey ATM Solutions and its members include Marc Winn of Contour Networks, John Willmon and Stuart Mackinnon of Columbus Data Services and Patrick Connor of  The working group will investigate all of the policy and implementation issues associated with bringing EMV into the U.S. ATM marketplace to help inform the NAC Board and guide NACs public policy strategic and information dissemination efforts on behalf of the industry.  Along with establishing the EMV Working Group, the NAC Board has authorized NAC membership on the EMV Migration Forum.

The Forum is being sponsored by the Smart Card Alliance and is intended to provide a cross industry sector mechanism to address the complex and challenging issues associated with implementing EMV chip card technology in the U.S.  NAC Executive Director, Bruce Renard will represent NAC in the Forum and will be working closely with the NAC EMV Working Group to support this involvement.


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