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National ATM Council Comments on Newly Released "Comprehensive Guide for Implementing EMV® Chip Technology at the ATM"

Jacksonville, FL, September 4, 2014 - The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) has commented on the just-released EMV Migration Forum (EMF) ATM Working Committee's comprehensive white paper "Implementing EMV at the ATM: Requirements and Recommendations for the U.S. ATM Community". NAC cited the white paper as a valuable information resource to help facilitate implementation of EMV chip card technology by U.S. ATM providers.
NAC is a founding member of the EMF's ATM Working Committee and NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard and the NAC Board of Directors contributed many hours of analysis, review and input to ensure that the new white paper adequately addresses Independent (ISO/IAD) ATM providers' issues and perspectives. The result is an EMV resource guide that will be useful for Independent ATM owners, operators and suppliers across the U.S. to help make sense of the impending EMV migration process. ATM owners, operators and suppliers can now download the document for free at
"The National ATM Council recently issued formal Industry Guidance recommending that our member companies and the independent ATM sector as a whole implement aggressive programs to ensure EMV compliance by October 2016," said Renard. "As a contributing author of the white paper, NAC is pleased to have played a role in producing such in-depth EMV information for the U.S. ATM sector to utilize in making this significant technology change."
"The EMV Migration Forum and its ATM Working Committee are to be commended for facilitating development of this comprehensive white paper," said NAC Chair, Bonnie Dalrymple of EFX Corp. "The information presented will assist ATM owners, operators and suppliers with implementation of EMV at the hundreds of thousands of retail ATMs they provide across the nation. NAC appreciates the opportunity to have worked with the EMF ATM Working Committee on this important initiative and we look forward to continued cooperative efforts as the U.S. ATM market progresses through its EMV transition."
"This is a costly and challenging process," Dalrymple continued, "and NAC will continue to do all it can to educate and alert the Independent ATM sector to the EMV issues and ways of making it through EMV migration intact. The high cost of EMV implementation for ATM providers remains of significant concern to NAC and we will continue to press for assistance in helping defray/offset these EMV transition costs. Without some form of relief, the likely outcome will be a reduction in the widespread availability of cash via ATMs as is currently enjoyed by consumers throughout the U.S."
The EMF white paper was created as a general overview/guide and each ATM owner/operator will undoubtedly have unique needs. As such, in addition to reviewing the document, both the EMF and NAC have strongly encouraged each ATM owner and operator to work closely with their equipment vendors, processors and payment network representatives to help ensure a smooth EMV transition for their specific ATM business.


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