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The National ATM Council Announces Eclipse Cash Systems As Platinum Sponsor for Its NAC2016 Conference & Expo

Jacksonville, FL, May 24, 2016 - The National ATM Council, Inc. ("NAC") is excited and honored to announce that Eclipse Cash Systems will serve as the Platinum Sponsor for its NAC2016 Conference and Expo "ATMs Across America - A New Frontier", scheduled to take place at the Buena Vista Palace-Hilton, Walt Disney World™ - Orlando, FL, on October 17-20th.

This year's annual retail ATM industry event will include ATM operator/servicer training by Hyosung, Genmega and Triton, as well as an inaugural ATM Security Academy program and a high powered presentation from former NFL football star and current world-class business strategist/advisor Brian Holloway.

"NAC is genuinely pleased and excited to have Eclipse Cash Systems serve as this year's Platinum Sponsor. Eclipse has been a strong and steady supporter of NAC since its inception, and NAC sincerely appreciates their support and the many contributions Eclipse has made to further the interests of our nation's retail ATM industry," said NAC Executive Director, Bruce Renard.

"Eclipse is proud to serve as Platinum Sponsor for NAC2016. The NAC annual conference is an important event for our industry each year, especially this year as EMV compliance and Operation Choke Point impact our businesses. NAC2016 will be a time and place for our fellow ATM owners, operators and suppliers to gather together and collaborate on the major issues that are affecting this industry," said Derek Smith, President of Eclipse Cash Systems.

"The NAC annual conference is a great place to network and meet with different companies that can help you in the ATM industry. When I started Eclipse in 2003, I rarely attended ATM conferences and was more focused on my business at home. Once I started attending these events, especially NAC conferences, I developed long-term relationships and learned industry insights that cannot be obtained by staying in your local market. I can't express how important it is for every company to start attending these events to learn and talk with other operators. Conferences like NAC2016 helped Eclipse get to where it is today," said Smith.

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