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EMV & The Merchant Owned ATM: Protecting Your Business

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Getting merchants to upgrade their ATMs to EMV has been frustrating for ATM deployers. As ATM owners, merchants face the same level of risk exposure at their cash dispensing machines as their POS terminals. However, many merchants - annoyed with the POS liability shift - don't realize ATM fraud has the potential for much larger consequences.

In this white paper, sponsored by, you will learn why merchants seem to have a lack of interest in upgrading their ATMs to EMV and learn from industry experts why it is vital that IADs get merchants to upgrade in order to protect their ATM business. It also includes suggestions that IADs can put in place to protect their business from fraud liability should the merchant decide not to upgrade.

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VISA Notifies NAC of ATM Jackpotting Malware in the Asia-Pacific Region

Dear NAC, One of the core goals of Visa is to champion security within the ATM industry. As such, we'd like ot bring to your attention a technical analysis report issued by the Payment Intelligence team at Visa relating to ATM "Jackpotting".
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NAC Responds to Commentary on U.S. Retail ATM Skimming Survey

It was with sincere disappointment that we read ATMIA CEO Mike Lee's recent attack on the U.S. Retail ATM Skimming Survey/survey results announced last month by NAC.
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