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ATM Skimming Hits Just a Few Machines, Finds National ATM Council Survey

There may be less ATM skimming going on than is commonly thought. Most ATMs placed in retail locations—93%—have not experienced a skimming incident, finds a survey from the National ATM Council Inc., which represents independent ATM operators.

us-atm-retail-skimmingSkimming happens when a consumer inserts a credit or debit card into what he assumes is a legitimate card reader that was actually placed by a criminal to capture data. Unattended locations, such as ATMs and fuel pumps, are popular, though retail point-of-sale equipment also can be targeted.

When asked how many times a skimming device was found or removed from an ATM, “never” was the most popular response from the 166 ATM operators surveyed. Six percent said between one to five times, followed by 0.60% each for six to 10 times and more than 10 times.

The results confirm that card skimming is very limited at retail ATMs, says Bruce Renard, NAC executive director, in an email to Digital Transactions News. “This is in stark contrast to recent reports of higher levels of card fraud reported elsewhere for this ATM market segment,” Renard says. “Nonetheless, NAC takes the skimming threat seriously, especially given the jump in card fraud experienced in other countries undergoing EMV implementation, as criminals see the window closing for this type of fraud.”

Read the full article at Digital Transactions.

Stay tuned to the NAC website for the full release of U.S. Retail ATM Survey Results!



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